Western cuisine is inherently rich and varied, every dish teaches the flavor of copper, the internal wind and mesmerizes the diners when coming here. The Western delicacies below if enjoyed once you will remember forever.
Grilled snakehead fish is a rustic dish typical of the southwestern region of Vietnam , with its unique flavor and very simple processing. The characteristic of wild grilled snakehead fish is that the fish does not need to be processed, meaning no scales, no shave, no abdominal surgery, no spice. Snakehead fish has just caught in the river, washed, pierced with a long rod from the mouth to the tail, then buried the fish into a haystack and then lit the fire or put the stick on the ground to cover with straw and light the fire until the ashes . When the fish is cooked, scrape off the scorched scab to reveal white and fragrant fish flesh. This Western delicacy is more unique when dipped in tamarind sauce.
Sprout gravel is a dish made from wild boar meat and grilled over heated pebbles (some people call this grilled pork boar). To get the aroma sprouted gravel flavor, first of all, you need to take the meat of the pigs raised by ethnic people on hills and mountains, they find food by themselves in the natural environment, hard work and umbrella Farming for a long time but the weight only 5-15kg. Because only pigs like that can produce delicious, low-fat pieces of meat, to please the reward. What could be more wonderful when the taste buds are awakened with a piece of yellow meat and some vegetables around the pebbles dotted with lemon sauce, listening to the sweetness of the tongue, feeling the aroma of heaven and earth here . If you have the opportunity to come here, please do not forget this Western delicacy !
As a specialty of Cau Ke (Tra Vinh), bananas have many crows (each fruit is very big), so farmers in the past only planted a few trees in the garden to make snacks when they were sad, but they rarely brought them to markets. . Banana dozen crunchy sweet, delicious, so you can process a lot of very attractive dishes such as cooking curry, hotpot … But the food that is loved by adults and children is the ripe banana crow. If you have a chance to visit the West in the summer, please enjoy the delicious and strange fruits of this region. Holding a piece of pale yellow banana, the fruit’s intestine is sweet and chewed slowly into the mouth. The sweetness, the scent, the flesh of this Western delicacy spread very attractive.