Purple sweet potato, a food that is extremely familiar to everyone, delicious, nutritious, cheap but nutritional value is evaluated on a great level. Last time, we worked together to learn some of the “divine” benefits that this potato brings, but not with any way of processing the nutritional content of purple sweet potatoes is kept to the highest level. .

Each dish of the nutrients that this food provides to the user will have different values, so today’s article I will add to you some common dishes with simple recipes. The quality is guaranteed for the most purple sweet potato.

In the period of industrialization and modernization, most people and families have no time to prepare for daily meals, but they always require a healthy, solid body. Therefore, the use of simple and convenient foods such as whole grains that are both nutritious and easy to use is very popular, especially the purple sweet potato cereal. now on.

So, besides the cereal from purple sweet potato – clean food, processed safely and retaining the nutritional value of Greenmax Taiwan brand, there are many ways to prepare different dishes from this potato such as soup, making cakes, cooking soup … helps users to change their tastes often, stimulate and eat better.

Boiled / steamed purple sweet potato
In order for sweet potatoes to take full effect, we should use the method of steaming, boiling, because this method preserves the amino acids and proteins in potatoes. Do not process for too long because the amount of nutrients will fade over time.

With such a name, you probably know how to make this dish, you just need to wash the potatoes and steam them or boil them, according to my personal opinion, I find it very easy to cook with rice cooker and taste. more delicious.

Boiled purple sweet potato is a very suitable dish for those who want to lose weight . You can eat 1-2 purple sweet potatoes in the morning with some fresh milk or green vegetables to ensure the body has enough energy to work for a day.

Noon and evening, you can eat some boiled sweet potatoes to make you feel full, greatly reducing the amount of food put into the body, contributing to weight loss. When replacing 1-2 bowls of rice with purple sweet potatoes, it can help you reduce 20-25% of calories, very suitable for those who need and are losing weight.