Pocket 50 recipes for effective weight loss salads that you can make right at home so the diet is no longer boring and miserable.
Salad to lose weight with fish
If you are looking for a simple and nutritious weight loss fish food that can help you maintain your perfect physique, do not ignore some of the salad recipes from fish. Clean the following types .
Tuna Salad in vinegar dressing
You can buy a cup of tuna, then use a small spoon and mix with vegetables such as salads, onions, extra virgin olive oil and add a spoon of vinegar. Then mix well with the mixture of lemon juice, delicious Mayonnaise, greasy , pepper salt is already able to enjoy. If you want your food to be more appealing and colorful, adding a few cherry tomatoes or purple cabbage is also a perfect choice for you.
How to make a raw salmon salad is simple, easy to make but still attractive enough to conquer all food devotees, especially women thanks to the fresh, cool taste, is a dish Eating weight loss is especially delicious and strange.

  • White radish and finely chopped carrots, mix well.
  • Use red goji berries for 10 minutes, then mix maggi with mustard deodorant to effectively flavor this special salad (depending on your ability to eat spicy, mustard can be mixed with the best ratio).
  • Put a little perilla leaves on the bottom of the plate, then put radish, carrots and use nutritious dried nuts sprinkled over the mixture like cashews, goji berries and raisins on top. Finally, you just need to put sliced ​​raw salmon on top and sprinkle mustard maggi to be able to enjoy already.
    Chicken from the old to the present is still known as one of the effective weight loss foods. And how to make chicken weight loss salads with a lot of delicious and nutritious recipes below will help you make this dish the main dish on your weight loss menu.

Grilled Chicken Salad
If you are a fan of Western cuisine, the special way to make weight loss salad from grilled chicken introduced below will surely make you satisfy your taste at home.
Step 1: Rinse chicken, remove bones and skin and cut into small pieces to taste. The accompanying vegetables like lettuce washed, chopped.

Step 2: Put the chicken blanched over boiling water over high heat, heat for 2-3 minutes, then bring the chicken out immediately, then marinate the chicken with ingredients including aromatic, greasy , flavored bacon , Mayonnaise, minced garlic and lemon juice.

Then, you put the chicken in a versatile oven, dedicated for about 15-20 minutes until the chicken turns yellow brown beautifully. Put the chicken on a plate, add some shredded lettuce and Caesar special sauce to add more deliciousness and you can enjoy the standard Western flavor already.